The Banner Hits the Road Part 2

(The rest of Darren and Isaac’s road trip)

Whilst at Hervey Bay, Darren broke his wrist at the men’s breakfast. He had it plastered and was told it would be at least 6 weeks before the plaster would be removed, but with prayer and God’s healing power, Darren was totally healed within four days. The doctors “shook their heads” as they compared x-rays.  Isn’t God good?

After Hervey Bay it was down to Brisbane where Mitch Ramsey connected the guys with a couple of churches, a prophetic conference and a festival where Isaac was able to share some songs with the crowd. Many folks were healed and touched by God’s Dreaming in the Brisbane area. Big thank you to Danny Palasio and family for looking after the team.

Then it was on to Taree where the highlight was having the banner displayed right in the middle of the main shopping centre. Everybody got to see this as they went about their shopping, hearing God’s story and being touched by the Holy Ghost.        

IMG_3071 banner in Taree.JPG
IMG_3070  banner in Taree(2).JPG



The guys were also able to visit some surrounding communities and share the Love of God there as well. Praise God. Another highlight was sharing at a kids club where the kids heard God’s story and His plan for their lives.


IMG_3077 banner.JPG
IMG_3075 banner.JPG



Next stop Port Macquarie where the boys displayed the banner right on the foreshore next to the big caravan park where mobs of people were able to view the banner. At times there was opposition - once a declared witch and her daughter came to curse what Darren and Isaac were up to, but praise God He always has the victory.

IMG_3072 Port Macquarie.JPG


After Port Macquarie a door opened at  a youth camp at Foster where they were encouraged to share testimonies, stories of God’s goodness, share the God’s Dreaming story and hand out booklets. Praise God.




The guys got a shock when heading to Sydney and the Blue Mountains. Quite a bit colder than the Top End. Even though the fellas were freezing they received  a warm welcome from the Traditional Landowners from that country. Because of this event Elders that hadn't been gathered together for some time were able to share together around God’s Dreaming.  A big thankyou to sister Diane Usher for looking after the team and making this amazing event possible.  As a result of this time, it is reported that unity and trust has grown between the various groups.




“Generation Fire” also hosted 3 gatherings in homes and supported the team by purchasing books that helped pay the fuel bill. Praise God.




Next was down to the Northern Beaches where the banner was displayed on the fence at the old historic Baptist Church where folks could see the story of God's love for everybody.


IMG_3064 banner.JPG
IMG_3063 banner.JPG


The team then made a dash driving through the night all the way to Melbourne where Darren was able to catch up with family and friends. Isaac also caught up with some old friends.  Sure-way Church hosted the team where many were healed and touched by God’s love.




After “Sureway” the guys went to visit a friend at West Geelong.  While sitting in a park having fish and chips, some ladies came along and started setting up for a big festival.  Long story short:  the guys ended up displaying the GD Banner right in the middle of the road which was closed off for the festival. While hundreds of people viewed the banner a little girl felt her broken leg was being healed (dropping her crutches and running around with no pain) as she heard the story along with her father.  Praise God!!   HaHaaaaa to the Devil.


IMG_3079 banner West Geelong.JPG


Onto Ferntree Gully where the guys were able to catch up with some of the God’s Dreaming artists, support people and friends of the project.

A great time was had at some Christmas celebrations, at home groups and the Hills Church. A big shout out and thanks to the wonderful team in Melbourne, without them the project would not be as it is!




Then it was off to Bright where some of Isaac’s countrymen from Wadeye are doing their Schooling. They were so blessed to see a brother traveling around sharing God’s story touching many lives. Brother Dallas then joined the team to travel through to Darwin with the guys. Yahoo.




As the team headed off to South Australia (en route to Northern Territory (“little bit long way”), they were able to catch up with some old friends who had lived in the NT (Adrian and Jenny). As it turned out there was a Christmas Street Party in the town there where the GD Banner could be displayed. It was a great time of sharing God’s Story with all the local people and surrounding farming community. A number of other artists were also surprised by the excellent quality of the GD Banner.

The next day, there was an opportunity to display the banner at local pub. Praise God.




Heading north. Next stop Alice Springs where Christmas is fast approaching. A big thank you to Laurence and Paris caring for the team over the Christmas period. A great week of sharing at a local church Christmas morning with many people receiving GD booklets.  Local traditional artists loved the artwork in the banner as they learned the story of God’s Love.

Other points of outreach were, old people's home, the people living on the river bank, the Todd Mall where many were healed and had encounters with God.




Almost home now as the team roll into Darwin where they had a great meeting at the Bagot Community right in the middle of Darwin. These folks love Jesus and the Pastors there would like to get their own banner one day so they can outreach to others. Praise God.




So after 22,000km, the team headed back to Wadeye and Gove.  It was described as a “life changing experience”.  Having the privilege of sharing God’s Story through the God’s Dreaming Project, seeing many come to the knowledge of Christ, being healed and set free. Praise God.

The Banner Hits the Road Part 1

In mid August Darren, Isaac and Bunumbirr headed off from Gove on what will be at least an 11,000Km journey covering 5 states – sharing the banner, preaching the gospel, seeing healings, salvation and deliverance to many.

At Oenpelli (near Kakadu National Park, NT) where the banner was put up, it is reported that people had the revelation to let go of the old ways and follow Jesus "one way". There is much syncretism amongst Indigenous christians in the NT, a combining of the Gospel and culture. 

Next the team headed over to Mareeba in far North Queensland to present the banner at a pastors and leaders gathering with Carl Musch. 

Following this they visited Arakoon, Coen, Weipa and Cairns. Bunumbirr returned to Gove after Cairns. The Lord took him in a vision to heaven. Since then his wife, family, many adults and children have been seeing visions of Jesus, angels and heaven. People are coming to Jesus daily in this area including on Elcho Island where Bunumbirr visited with the banner on his return home to the NT. 

Darren and Isaac then continued south to Bowen. Their photo and story of Gods Dreaming appeared on the front page of the Bowen newspaper.

Then they travelled to Rockhampton, Townsville, doing God's Dreaming presentations along the way. They are currently heading to Brisbane. 

They have had opportunities to speak on a radio station at Harvey Bay an have spoken at a men's breakfast, in churches and in the market place. 

If you would like to give towards the travel costs of this fruitful trip, please donate, marking your donation "I&D".



Prophetic Arts Camp

On 4-8 April 25 participants gathered together at the Dreaming Music Bush Camp in Litchfield National Park for a Prophetic Arts Camp. Several of the artists from the God’s Dreaming Project were present. The 21m banner was erected and Roger shared God's story with some young men from Wadeye and Palumpa. After the story two of the boys gave their life to Jesus and were baptized in the Florence Falls swimming hole where many tourists witnessed the baptisms.

We praise God for this project as every time it is presented good fruit comes forth. Thank you Jesus!



MAF Presentation

This is where we displayed the banner at the Gove airport, next to the Mission Aviation Fellowship’s (MAF) base. MAF hosted a special meeting of Yolgnu people who wanted to find out more about what it means to go only 'one way' for Jesus. After Roger's presentation the group of 16 participants viewed the God’s Dreaming banner. One of the main comments was "now we understand where we come from”. This was a very powerful revelation as they could visualize their ancestors migrating to their traditional lands from the scattering, which took place at the tower of Babel. They could also see where many of their ceremonies, covenants and laws came from.

First Viewing

The very first time the God’s Dreaming banner was put up (just to see what it looked like) some ladies from across the road came straight over to see what it was all about. Bunumbirr Marika started sharing the story in local language (Yolngu Matha). Later he said that the ladies understood the story and would tell others about it. Praise God. The banner was like honey to bees, its colour and size an automatic attraction!